Why I’m not buying the new iPad 2017

iPad 2017Would you buy a new television when only the CPU is slightly faster, but the screen quality is worse? Would you buy a new phone, when it’s only slightly faster than the old model? Well, that’s the position I’m currently in. Last year I wanted to buy a new iPad. I was looking for an iPad around the iPad Air 2 price range. It’s just for home-use like Netflix, Spotify and HomeKit, so I’m absolutely not a Pro user. I didn’t want to buy a device that was released 2 years ago. You know Apple is probably working on a refresh. And you want to keep the device as long as possible, so a refresh will give you a new update-cycle. So you wait for that new model to get launched. A colleague was in the same boat just like me, so we waited for next year to come.

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Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34″ Curved

Dell U3415W MonitorThis week I received my new monitor, the Dell UltraSharp U3415W Curved as a replacement for my Dell UltraSharp U2312HM Triple Screen setup. My workplace is going to be part of my living room this year, so I don’t want a triple screen setup there. After I placed the screen on my desk, I had a “WOW” moment. Absolutely beautiful screen and design of the Dell screen. Don’t expect a full review here, but just some things you should know before you buy this monitor.

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Microsoft Surface Pro – An enterprise device?

Microsoft is pushing everything to an “As a Service” model. I think that’s great because of – for example – staying in control of licenses and costs. Microsoft recently announced the “Windows 10 as a Service” and “Surface as a Service” services. The Surface Pro 4 is a fantastic device, but in my opinion lacks a couple of essential features to classify it as an Enterprise Device. I worked with large organizations and the first 2 check boxes on the acceptance list are:

  • The device needs a Kensington lock
  • The user needs to provide the BitLocker PIN to start the device

I think those points are really necessary for an enterprise device. Without a Kensington lock, a device can be easily stolen during a short break. (Or do you take your Surface with you when going to the toilet?!) Most organizations require that a BitLocker PIN is needed to unlock the device. It’s possible to use an on screen keyboard during the preboot screen, but I don’t see any business using this. Mark Morowczynski from Microsoft says that this is because an attacker can connect to the machine using DMA or retrieve the secrets from memory. The Surface Pro 4 DMA connector is soldered on the motherboard, but the memory can still be easily stolen without a Kensington lock!

So what do you think? Should Microsoft add the Kensington lock to the Surface Pro 5?

Nexus 5X 32 GB vs iPhone SE 16 GB

My current work phone is a Lumia 925. Because it’s 2 years old, I can choose a new phone. This is a very hard choice, because I like the design of the iPhone, but I prefer Android above iOS. It would be an easy pick if I could choose the Nexus 6P, but the iPhone SE and the Nexus 5X are some really good competitors. I’ll use this blog post to help with my decision. Maybe it will help you as well.
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